Tuition Class Calendar 2022

Tuition Class Calendar 2022


Term 117-01-2022 to 03-07-2022
Term 204-07-2022 to 18-12-2022
Each term is 24 weeks. Fee is $150.00 per term and is not refundable once paid.


Australia Day26-01-2022
Chinese Lunar New Year Eve31-01-2022
Chinese Lunar New Year Day01-02-2022
End of Year19-12-2022 to 16-01-2023

Annual Events

Annual Presentation & Youth Fellowship Annual General MeetingEvent suspended
Parent-Teachers Meeting [End of week 4, Term 2]
Compulsory attendance by all students and parents
24-07 2022**
Clean Up Australia Day07-03 2022**
National Tree Day31-07 2022
BOE Teachers’ Meeting – Online [End of week 1, Term 1]23-01 2022
BOE Teachers’ Meeting & PD Workshop [End of week1, Term 2]10-07 or 24-07 2022

** Event may be suspended or rescheduled depending on covid19 outcome.

Important Weeks

Week 1 / 2BOE Teachers’ Meeting
Week 3Closing date for change of classes
Week 8Test 1
Week 16Test 2
Week 21Re-enrolment application open for current students
Week 22Enrolment application due by end of the week
Week 23 / 24Examination
New timetable issued


The tuition program offers classes for year 7 to 12. Applications can still be submitted for year 5 and 6 students, who will be placed on the waiting list and be formally enrolled once they commence high school.
To make an application or appointment, please fill in the online form, email or call us (between Monday – Friday 4 PM – 7 PM)

本寺課業輔導教室乃為中學生而設(七年級至十二年級) 五年級及六年級的小學生可先做候補報名,待中學時才正式註冊上課。
有興趣者請填寫以下連線表格 電郵或於以下時間來電預約報名時間 (星期一至星期五:下午四點至七點)