Spring FUNd Fair 義賣園遊會

Spring FUNd Fair 義賣園遊會

We will be holding a funfair on 24th of September (Sunday) 10 AM to 3 PM, with stores selling yummy food, souvenirs and plants, as well as games and activities. Please come along with your family and friends to this fun day! All proceed will be put towards funding the building of our HTM Community Facilities, which will include a library, learning spaces for our Bodhi Class, office, meeting rooms and a multipurpose hall. 

How you can support us:

1. Participate on the day. You can set up a stall to sell vegetarian food, or any other items that are suitable for our fundraising purpose. 
2. Promote the event to your family and friends. 
3. Purchase and help to sell the FUNd FAIR vouchers. Our stalls will only accept vouchers on the day, which can be purchased in advance or on the day (cash or bank transfer only). 

If you would like to participate in setting up a stall or purchase vouchers, please contact us through our email or call us. 

You can also purchase the vouchers in advance at Hwa Tsang Monastery.

We hope our facility project can be successfully completed as soon as possible, providing a better learning environment for everyone.

今年9月24日(星期日)將舉行華藏寺《春季義賣園遊會》,  敬請大家踴躍參與, 同來歡慶. 若您可以給予協助, 敬請與我們聯繫. 感激不盡。

《華藏寺義賣園遊會》的目的是為籌集『華藏寺活動中心』建築資金。『華藏寺活動中心』的設施包括圖書館, 菩提園的學習空間,  辦公室, 會議室及一個多用途禮堂。希望提供大家更好的學習環境.



1. 您可以參與設定一個攤位 , 售賣素食或任何其他適合我們籌款目的的物品。

2. 向您的家人和朋友宣傳此義賣園遊會活動

3. 購買及幫助我們銷售園遊券 當天我們的攤位只接受『園遊券』。『園遊券』可以提前購買 ,也可以在當天購買(僅限現金或銀行轉帳)。 

如果您想設定攤位或購買『園遊券』,請迅速回覆此電子郵件, 我們的負責人將與您聯繫。


我們懇切希望『華藏寺活動中心』能夠儘快成功完成, 利樂大眾。非常感謝您的支持。

華藏寺義賣園遊會籌備委會 敬啟