Hwa Tsang Buddhist Monastery 華藏寺

Special Religious Education

We are accredited by the NSW Department of Education to provide Special Religious Education (SRE) to primary and high schools since 1997.


Australia is a democratic, pluralistic, multicultural and tolerant society. Its citizens are fortunate to have access and exposure to all manner of beliefs. Under the Australian education system, most primary schools have religious lessons each week. Students are able to attend religious classes according to their beliefs, as well as learn about religion in “Human, Society and It’s Environment” courses to help broaden understanding and tolerance towards different people, cultures and societies.

Religion is an elective subject in high school, and students can take up subjects such as “Studies of Religions” and “Society and Culture”. These subjects cover the major religions in the world, including Buddhism, on their development, practises and influence on individuals and the Australian society.

Supporting SRE Teaching and Syllabus

Under the direction of our abbot, authorised venerables and volunteers from the monastery have been providing SRE teaching to NSW public schools for the past twenty years. We view this education and support for our younger generation as very important.

Our SRE committee has compiled the primary school Buddhist syllabus based on “Junior Buddhist Studies” and “Senior Buddhist Studies” written by Venerable Yin Shun, and the high school syllabus based on “Introductory Buddhism Studies” written by Venerable Miao Qin, both adapted to suit our Australian society and culture. Together with regular professional development workshops which provided training in teaching methodology, classroom management and children protection, our scripture teachers are able to deliver the syllabus systematically and consistently.

Learn more about our syllabus and approach.

Current SRE Schools

We currently conduct SRE classes at the following schools in Sydney:

  1. Birrong Girls’ High School
  2. Homebush Boys’ High School
  3. Carlingford West Public School
  4. Lansvale Public School
  5. Ashbury Public School
  6. Homebush Public School
  7. Homebush West Public School
  8. Strathfield South Public School
  9. Berala Public School

We also regularly host student group visits from a number of public and private schools, wishing to broaden their understanding of the different world religions.

Can we help?

SRE Teaching

Should your school require teachers, please let us know. While our resources are limited, we will endeavour to assist wherever possible.

School visits to the monastery

If you wish to bring a student or community group to the monastery, please contact us by phone, or email, at least three weeks in advance.

Email our SRE Co-Ordinator: Venerable Neng Rong (info@htm.org.au)