Hwa Tsang Buddhist Monastery 華藏寺

Children’s Program 兒童節目

Bodhi Class 菩提園

Hwa Tsang Monastery Bodhi Class is for children aged from preschool to senior high school.

Bodhi Classes aim to introduce right understanding on the Buddha’s teachings amongst the children.The classes aim to develop children’s understanding on etiquettes at the monastery as well as skills and values including respect and consideration, sharing and caring, friendship and co-operation, trustworthiness and responsibility, patience and positivity, time management and planning etc.




Classes are conducted on alternate Sundays by SRE teachers appointed by the monastery under the guidance of Venerable Neng Rong.

Students participate in interactive activities that cultivate the understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, etiquette at the monastery as well as other social skills.

  • Dharma learning
  • Meditation
  • Story telling
  • Singing
  • Reading
  • Arts and craft
  • Group activities, and more.



  • 佛法講解
  • 靜坐
  • 講故事
  • 唱歌
  • 閱讀
  • 手工和美術
  • 遊戲
  • 團體活動等等

Chinese Language Class

NOTE: Chinese class is currently suspended until further notice.


For more information, please refer to our brochure, our latest update posts or contact Venerable Neng Rong: htm.bodhi@gmail.com

任何疑問或需要報名表格,請諮詢: 能融法師 電郵: htm.bodhi@gmail.com