Hwa Tsang Buddhist Monastery 華藏寺

About Us 華藏寺簡介

Hwa Tsang Monastery was officially founded on the 19th of May 1985 with Venerable Tsang Hui as the founding abbot. Board of Directors and Executive Committee were also formed to assist the Venerable with the running of activities at the monastery.

Our aims are:

  1. To encourage the practice and the propagation of Buddhism in Australia;
  2. To encourage, foster and promote education among the Australian community;
  3. To foster mutual understanding and friendship between the Buddhist and other religious groups and the Australian public;
  4. To provide welfare services to those who need help in the Australian community; and
  5. To develop the monastery to benefit the interest of its members and of all Buddhists in Australia.

華藏寺正式成立於1985年5月19日, 以慧法師為創寺住持, 並組成董事會及執行委員會, 協助法師推動寺院的各項活動。


  1. 在澳洲實踐及弘揚佛法;
  2. 在澳洲社區鼓勵、促進、推廣各類教育;
  3. 促進佛教徒和其他宗教團體,以及澳洲社會大眾彼此間的了解和友誼;
  4. 為澳洲社區內需要幫助的人提供福利服務;
  5. 發展華藏寺,以造福其成員和澳洲所有佛教徒。

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