Hwa Tsang Buddhist Monastery 華藏寺

Membership 加入會員

Why not become a member of the monastery, and join more of our activities?

Then we can better encourage and support you, in your efforts to understand, and practise the Buddha’s Teachings.

The aim of Hwa Tsang Monastery is to encourage the cultivation of right understanding and practice of Buddhism. It is to spread the Buddha’s Teachings of the Four Noble Truths and promote the application of Noble Eightfold Path in our daily life, his peaceful path away from suffering.

In following the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition, it is to encourage everyone to develop Bodhi Mind, loving kindness, compassion, wisdom, practising the Bodhisattva path, benefiting oneself and others, may all attain Buddhahood one day.

Our religious services, Dharma talks and meditation sessions are open to all. As well, visitors are welcome to refer to, or read books within our monastery library.




Payment and Donations 繳費與慈善捐款

Membership fees and donations can be made in person or through direct bank transfers.

Members and donors who wishes to donate electronically, please use our bank details below.

To protect your donations and membership fees, we only allows bank transfers to one account. HTM does not authorise third parties to fund-raise on our behalf. If you are unsure, we encourage you to contact us before you make any donation.

Bank details:

Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
Account name: Hwa Tsang Monastery
BSB: 032024
Account Number: 931914
Swift Code: WPACAU2S

Payer please email the following details to info@htm.org.au so that we can match your transfer and issue your receipt accordingly.
1) Name
2) Details & purpose of the transfer (e.g Membership Payment or Donation)
3) Address (if you would like your receipts posted)


銀⾏: Westpac Banking Corporation
戶⼝名稱(Account Name): Hwa Tsang Monastery
網絡編碼(BSB): 032024
戶⼝號碼(Account Number): 931914
國際代號(Swift): WPACAU2S

1) 姓名
2) 轉賬細節和目的(例如:會費,或捐款)
3) 地址(如果要我們寄收據)