Hwa Tsang Buddhist Monastery 華藏寺

Contact Us 聯繫我們

Address 地址

29 Mackenzie Street,
Homebush NSW 2140
T: +612 9746 6334
E: info@htm.org.au


Opening Hours 開放時間
9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily
每日 上午9時 – 下午5時

Transport Options 交通
Train services are quite frequent to the following stations:
Flemington (10 minutes walk)
Homebush (15 minutes walk)
Strathfield (30 minutes walk)

Flemington (步行10分鐘)
Homebush (步行15分鐘)
Strathfield (步行30分鐘)

Streetside unmetered parking is available, but we do ask for your consideration not to block our neighbours’ driveways or footpaths.

Visitor Information 參訪須知

As a place of worship, we respectfully ask our visitors and devotees to be mindful of these observations:

  • Generally modest attire are recommended when visiting a Buddhist monastery:
    • Do avoid wearing tops such as singlet that will expose your shoulder, back or mid-section, and skin-tight clothing.
    • Please wear sleeved tops that will cover up to the neck, with long pants or knee-length skirts .
    • Do dress suitably and comfortably when attending services,  memorials or meditation. Shorts and skirts should be avoid.
  • Shoes should be removed before entering the main building and hall.

  • As we are situated within a residential area, please be mindful of noise levels and avoid actions that could disturb our neighbours.

  • Smoking is not allowed within the monastery compound.


  • 到佛寺來,請穿著適當服裝。
    • 請不要穿背心或無袖的上衣。不要曝露肩膀,背部或肚子;不要穿緊身衣服;上衣領口最好高至頸部,
    • 請穿長褲或至少蓋過膝蓋的褲子或裙子,
    • 參加法會, 追悼會或靜坐時,請穿著適當且舒適衣服,避免穿著短褲和裙子。
  • 進入房舍及大殿請先脫鞋。
  • 因為我們座落於住宅區,請勿喧嘩,請盡量避免騷擾到鄰居。
  • 寺內禁止吸煙。

Location Map

Donations 慈善捐款

Donation can be made in person at HTM or electronic fund transfer using bank details below.

Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
Account Name: Hwa Tsang Monastery
BSB: 032024
Account Number: 931914

銀⾏: Westpac Banking Corporation
國際代號(Swift Code): WPACAU2S (或 WPACAU2SXXX)
戶⼝名稱(Account Name): Hwa Tsang Monastery
網絡編碼(BSB): 032024
戶⼝號碼(Account Number): 931914