Hwa Tsang Buddhist Monastery 華藏寺

Education 教育

We conduct a number of education programs that cater to various groups of our community, such as tuition classes for high school students, Bodhi classes for primary school-aged children, as well as NSW Department of Education endorsed Special Religious Education.


Special Religious Education 特別宗教教育

We are accredited by the NSW Department of Education to provide Special Religious Education (SRE) and conduct classes for a number of local public and high schools.


Tuition Program 課業輔導

The monastery conducts tuition classes to assist students with their academic studies. We provide academic assistance as well as moral guidance and teach practical life skills such as self-discipline and the ability to co-operate with students from all backgrounds.
Formal classes are supplemented with extra-curricular activities to help foster friendship and encourage teamwork amongst the students.
With the kind support of Homebush Boys’ High School, all classes are conducted on school grounds during weekdays after school hours.

承蒙Homebush 中學的支持,所有課程週一至週五放學後,在該校校區進行。

Children’s Programs 兒童課程

Bodhi Class 菩提班

The monastery has Sunday classes for children from Preschool to Senior High School where we introduce your child to Buddhist morals, philosophy, practice, and etiquettes through fun activities.
The Bodhi Class aims to guide children into developing the right understanding of the Buddha’s teachings and to provide children with the moral basis to:

  • Make new friends and play cooperatively with others
  • React positively to social challenges
  • Recognise right and wrong in people and behaviours
  • Learn the benefits of patience, respect, sharing and caring
  • Understand about the Law of Cause and Effect
  • Learn about behaving within a monastery and the role of monks and nun.


  • 結交新朋友,與他人歡樂共處
  • 遇到挑戰,能積極面對處理
  • 能分辨人際交往中的對與錯
  • 學習有耐心、互信尊重、與人分享、有愛心的美德
  • 了解因果法則
  • 學習寺院的禮儀,及出家師父的角色